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Triton Web Studios has years of experience working on the cutting-edge of Flash technology. We have been recognized by Flash Kit (reputable Flash developers forum) for pushing the limit of Flash programming. Triton has developed interactive programs and games that have been published on 100's of sites in over 30 countries. Our eye for design and coding capability give us the edge to make your next Flash web site, promotional CD, or user interface outstanding.

Below are listed some common requests for Flash add-ons for existing web sites.

Flash Site Introduction

A Flash Introduction to your site is a great way to generate excitement and advertise your company in a way that grabs and keeps the attention of the visitor. The introduction adds spice to even small and basic business card sites and improves a professional image.
Flash Music Player
The Flash music player can be customized to play looped music environments to fit your site. It is a simple way of adding a fun element to any site and adds interaction by allowing the visitor to select the music of their choice while viewing the site.

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