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Web Content Creation :: Design Process - Steps for sucess!

Fact Finding

Triton Web Studios will work with the client to understand the client’s business, existing marketing strategies, problems that may exist, and target audience. We additionally break down the objective of the site into a brief description and words that effectively describe elements of the site in a concise manner. This helps to focus on the key elements and leads to the formation of the project's goals.


From the information gathered in the fact-finding stage, we would design a concept of what we envision the site will look like and how the site will function. We will work with the client to ensure that the look and functionality will meet the objectives of the client.

Taking Form

Once the concept is approved, we bring the image to life on the World Wide Web. We code the site designing the elements that will give the site continuity and solidarity. We then perform preliminary testing to ensure browser compatibility as well as compatibility with monitor resolutions.

Content Gathering/Population

We will work with the client to gather content needed to populate the web site. This will be governed primarily by the discussions in the Fact-Finding stage. We then populate the content into the design of the site. We look at the content gathered and find the most effective way of presenting the material to the visitor to the site.

Advanced Features

Outside of content, a site may require forms, Internet Applications, and advanced scripts, which perform functions needed to add to the effectiveness of the web site. At this stage we incorporate these elements into the web site.

Client review and testing

Once the content populates the site and all advanced features and design elements have been incorporated, it is time for the client to review the site for any and all necessary final tweaks and changes that need to be made. We review the site run tests to make sure that there is compatibility with browsers, compatibility with monitor resolutions, as well as proper functionality of any of the advanced features implemented into the site.

The Launch

Based on the Fact-Finding stage and evaluation of the website, we then optimize and add in the necessary code required for search engines to recognize and understand what to do with the web site. We then register the site with over 20 search engines including all the major search engines. We setup the necessary site reporting software and the site is deemed “Live”. To learn more about this process read our about search engines section.

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"... Your Site Management system has made it easy for anyone at our company to keep our content current. Thanks again."

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Triton Web Studios offers a free first consultation. In many cases we will create a concept, for the proposed site, with no strings attached.

Content Management Solutions help businesses get to market more quickly, maintain the quality of the web content, and reduce dependence on technical programmers for critical updates to customer offers and information.

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