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Triton Web Studios offers the following are common services for businesses and organizations that may have a required level of compatibility or compliance. Triton can work with any compliance outlines that you may require.

ADA Compliance - Section 508 Compliance

ADA refers to the American with Disabilities ACT. Many government, non-profit, and even enterprise businesses are required to have web sites that meet ADA compliance for individuals browsing the web that may have a disability such as blindness. Triton Web Studios has experience designing and developing web sites that meet ADA and Bobby Compliance.

Browser and Screen Resolution Compatibility

Triton Web Studios has programmers that have been writing code for the Internet since the first versions of Netscape were released. Needless to say our expertise gives us an advantage in knowing what tricks and frills will be effective on a web site and what people will be able to use them. We keep on hand versions 3 6 of Internet Explorer and Netscape as well as Opera. We additionally have Mac and Windows systems with various resolutions setup to accurately test how the site will display.

    What are customers saying...

"... Your Site Management system has made it easy for anyone at our company to keep our content current. Thanks again."

Did you know ...

Triton Web Studios offers a free first consultation. In many cases we will create a concept, for the proposed site, with no strings attached.

Content Management Solutions help businesses get to market more quickly, maintain the quality of the web content, and reduce dependence on technical programmers for critical updates to customer offers and information.

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