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It would be a perfect world if putting a web site up on the web or even going as far as inserting code into your pages would get you noticed by search engines. Unfortunately, there is work and maintenance that needs to be done to get into and maintain listings in a search engine. We take care of search engine optimizing and registration, which 85% of Internet and Web Service companies do not perform correctly.

Not only can we get your site recognized by search engines but we have cost efficient methods for getting top listings in search engines such as Google, Lycos, Yahoo!, and more.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your web site to come up in search engines can be a crucial indicator in the success of your overall web strategy. It can make the difference between ranking number one or ranking 10,000 on the search engine results. Triton Web Studios comprehensive coding of your site can make a significant positive difference to your online visibility.

Pay Per Click

With pay per click Internet Marketing your company's site can bid for top ranking in all the major search engines. Triton Web Studios will show you how to purchase key words and key phrases to put your company at the top of the results page. This very targeted highly successful marketing vehicle will direct customers interested in your products and services directly to your site.

    What are customers saying...

"... Thanks for guiding us with how to make our site work for us. You got us into search engines and helped us with promoting our site. "

Make your website work for you.

Your website is, at a minimum these days, thirty percent of your business image. Don't let your site misrepresent your business.

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