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TWS SiteManager :: Calendar/Event Manager

The Calendar/Event Manager Module allows you to add calendar and event information to your web site with absolute flexibility over how your information is presented to the visitor to your site. Intuitive interfaces provided in the SiteManager make management of large amounts of event information easy and logical.

Every client site has different demands and amounts of event information that needs to be displayed to the visitor without frustration. Although not all views are necessary for most sites, the Calendar/Event Manager allows the coordination of different views to get the visitor the information that they are looking for in an intuitive manner.


  • Large grid view (traditional calendar view)
  • Medium grid view (smaller version of the large grid view with limited information
  • Small grid view (useful for display in small cells and nav bars)
  • Year view (12 small grid views of each month)
  • Month view (lists the days of the month and events)
  • Week view (lists days of the week and events)
  • Day view (broken down by the hour)
  • Numbered day list
  • Customization of color and display fonts
  • Total control over adding, editing, and deleting events
  • Option to add recurring events with almost unlimited flexibility of the recurrence
  • Works seamlessly with the Image Manager to allow for the addition of thumbnails and images to the calendar as needed.

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