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TWS SiteManager :: Current Modules

  • Calendar/Events Manager - Our most popular and powerful on-line application

  • E-mail/Mailing Manager - Collects e-mail addresses and allows you to easily manage you addresses and send mass mailings to your list. Great for promotions and on-line Newsletters.

  • Contact List Manager - manages just about every bit of information about a person in the list and allows display of any and all information in custom views

  • Image Manager - allows the easy upload of graphics and organization of graphic uses on a site. Works with all TWS SiteManager applications for image use.

  • File Manager - upload and manage files for download. Automatically creates links and information on your site about the files uploaded.

  • What's New/Announcements Manager - Cut and paste content into this application and the Manager creates links and pages for the content. Fast and clean for keeping your content current.

  • Password Manager - create multiple levels of users for viewing sensitive information on your site managed in-house.

  • Banner Manager - upload banner images and keep promotions fresh or put them on refresh rotation and always get a different image.

  • Coupon Manager - allows the creation of coupons and promotions for printing.

  • Custom Manager - if you don't see a Manager listed above we can always configure a Custom Manager to suite your needs. The TWS SiteManager can build an array of custom applications to fit most uses.

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"... Your Site Management system has made it easy for anyone at our company to keep our content current. Thanks again."

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